Programming the KGW Kaltgasregler SC4/5

The SC4/5 consists of two independant devices which are ModBus slaves internaly connected by RS485:

The Jumo controller (address 1) handles heater and chamber control and the "Security Controller" (address 11) handles jet and main power supply.

An external RS485 connector can be used to communicate with both controllers..

Documentation Jumo Controller

Interface Documentation Jumo Controller

Documentation Security Controller

Command Overview Security Controller (Stellgrad = Jet)

Example code in C#, .NET 2.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. ModBus communikation is handled by the NModBus library:

General ModBus communication is documented in the interface documentation of the Jumo Contoller in chapter 2 to 4 and the addresses are described in chapter 5.



Setpoint must be below 200°C (Controller.Maxtemp) and SPH below 120°C (Controller.ParameterSphMax).