Liquid Nitrogen Container made of Aluminium Type ALU-CD

Area of Application

  • for liquid nitrogen(LN2)
  • pressure-less space for coolants
  • Laboratory technique
  • medicinal technique
  • Biotechnology
  • storing and transport

Features of performance

  • reliably and economically
  • Low on weight
  • Dewar flasks according ADR 2011
  • nominal capacity from 12 to 60 litres

Pressure range

  • Pressure less or up to max. 0.5 bar

Types and accessories

  • Double wall, vacuum insulated aluminium vessel
  • multi-layer superinsolation in the vacuum space
  • side grips or handle
  • Loose lied-on plug
  • vessel with KF NW 50 for a LN2-siphon

Evaporation rate

Daily evaporation and static holding time are measured at 20°C, 1013 mb, vessel stationary, lid closed and without transfer siphon system. These values are nominal and can vary according to the history of the vessel and the manufacturing tolerances.

Temperature range

  • LN2 -196°C

Technical Data

All rights reserved for technical changes.


Special transfer siphon with two separate LN2-fluid valves

Pressure build-up for LN2 tank using N2 gas bottles or N2 central gas supply

ALU-CD12 25 35 50 60 ALU-CD25 ALU-CD35 ALU-CD50 ALU-CD60 ALU-CD 12 25 35 50 60 ALU-CD 25 ALU-CD 35 ALU-CD 50 ALU-CD 60 ALUCD12 25 35 50 60 ALUCD25 ALUCD35 ALUCD50 ALUCD60