Liquid nitrogen container made of stainless steel Type BIOSAFE for storage of biological materials

Area of application

Features of performance


BIOLOGY SAFE including container control and supervision with:

Technical data and article numbers

Type Biosafe BS 40BS 60BS 120BS 220
Material AluminiumAluminiumStainless steelStainless steel
Art.-No. 2320232123222323
Capacity under the platform(l)ca. 10ca. 102135
Weight empty(kg)4353100175
Neck diameter(mm)216216514664
Overal height(mm)96595910451180
Evaporation rate static(% / 24h )1,191,192,302,00

Storage capacity of 2ml vials (Standard)

Vial racks smallType ATK  4 x 85x854 x 85x85
Art.-No.   4 x No. 23304 x No. 2330
Vial racks bigType ATGincludedincluded6 x 140x14512 x 140x145
Art.-No.  includedincluded6 x No. 233112 x No. 2331
Number of vial racks 46  
Number of stages 10101010
Size of the cryo boxesType ATK  76x76 mm76x76 mm
Art.-No.    40 x No.265340 x No.2653
Size of the cryo boxesType ATG133x133mm133x133mm133x133mm133x133mm
Art.-No.  40 x No.265460 x No.265460 x No.2654120 x No.2654
Capacity per box 2 ml (ATK)  2525
Capacity per box2 ml (ATG)100100100100
 2 ml (ATG)100100100100
Number of vialsStück40006000700013000

Information about storing straws or 5ml vials on request

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