Dewar vessel out of stainless steal type JUNO


Area of application

Features of performance

Description of stainless steal Dewar vessel

Types and accessories

Temperature range

Pressure range

Technical Data

Art. No. 2506
Capacity [l] 30
Max. operating overpressure [bar] 1,3
Weight empty [kg] 18
Weight full [kg] 41
Overal height [mm] 660
Diameter [mm] 407
Evaporation rate static [ca. l/d] 0,8
Static holding time [ca. d] 32
Roller base Art. No. 2640-CD

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Technical Datasheet


Transfer siphon incl. safety valve, manometer, pressure
reduction valve made of stainless steel and fluid valve made of stainless steel
Art.No. 2610
Transfer hose made of stainless steel Art.No. 2612
Transfer tube with phase separator Art.No. 2613
Screw coupling with tube fitting for pipe joint (D.a.=8 mm) Art.No. 2614
Screw adapter Art.No. 2615
Clamp and O-ring with centering Art.No. 2618+2619