Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels Made Of Glass

Available Types Of Reaction Vessels

About Reaction Vessels

KGW-ISOTHERM manufactures about 400 different types of reaction vessels made of glass in series. The reaction vessels are produced with a volume from 250 ml up to 20 litres with flat bottom, round bottom or bumped boiler end. As closing the flange system by SCHOTT with O-ring grooves is used. The bottom-outlet is available as standard with two different valves, the laboratory valve "L" (spindle is pressed while turning, type Torion) and the industrial valve "J" (spindle is springloaded and regulates herself), and the spherical ground joint S40. Every valve in the reaction vessels is dead volume free.

Bottom Outlet

The bottom outlet is available in three versions:

Industrial Valve J (Linear Closing) Outlet L
The industrial valve is a dead volume free PTFE spindle valve with sloped outlet.
The spindle shall be pressed in without turning. In the valve housing is an additional spring mounted in.
So the spring pressure of the spindle to the valve seat can be increased spring-loaded and the
spindle regulates herself. This guarantees a good tightness at large variations of temperature.
The industrial valve is available with a 10mm bore-hole (standard) and as desired with a 20mm bore-hole.
Laboratory Valve L Outlet J
The laboratory valve is a dead volume free PTFE spindle valve with the spindle being pressed in while turning. the valve has an 10mm bore-hole.
Spherical Ground Joint 40 Outlet S40
According to DIN 12244 (Part 1)

Thermal Jacket Connections

Thermal Jacket connections are available in two versions:

Thermal Jacket Connection GL18 Olive GL18
For temperatures up to +100° C
Thermal Jacket Connection DN15 Flange DN15
For temperatures up to +300° C

Versions other than those described are always available. On request we can supply you with a professional overview of our products per CAD drawings.

All reaction vessels even the standard types are produced on customer instruction. Therefore often changes in couplings or flanges will be offerd without additional cost.

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