Questionnaire: Reaction Vessels

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Principal Drawing Of a Reaction Vessel

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  1. Specification of Reaction Vessel
    1. °C
    2. °C
    3. Liter
  2. Lid
  3. O-Ring
  4. Flange Connector and Holder
    1. Quick Release Clamp
      Supporting Device for Installation in Frame
  5. Stirrer Seal
    1. Stirrer Seal Standard
      Stirrer Seal PTFE
      Magnetic Stirrer Seal
  6. Stirrer Coupling
    1. Stirrer Coupling RKG
      Stirrer Coupling RKG (with Headless Pins)
      Stirrer Coupling RKK (with Kardan)
  7. Stirring Element
  8. Accessories
    1. Stationary Frame
      Stationary Frame

      Stationary Frame

      Movable Frame
      Movable Frame

      Movable Frame

      Easy Frame
      Easy Frame

      Easy Frame (mobile)

  9. Comment
  10. Sender
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