Cryo Vessels

Cryogenic containers made of stainless steel or aluminum

KGW-ISOTHERM offers more than 40 different kinds of stainless steel and aluminum containers for the storage and transport of LN2 as standard. The product portfolio of LN2 storage containers starts with a 10 liters storage container and ends up to 350 liters capacity. The variety reaches from a simple LN2 tank to a complete container with pressure build-up system and level indicator. In addition, KGW-ISOTHERM offers an extensive range of accessories for the liquid nitrogen containers and furthermore manufactures customer-specific accessories. For special applications KGW-ISOTHERM offers stainless steel cylindrical Dewar vessels from 0.5 to 572 liters capacity.

In addition, LN2 containers are available for storage and transport of biological samples. Those containers have a LN2 capacity between 2 to 250 liters and are suitable for 2 or 5 ml vials or for 0.25 and 5 ml straws. KGW-ISOTHERM also has an extensive range of accessories as well as control and monitoring electronics for this product range.