NLK Apparatus According EN 459-2

NLK assembly with stand rack
type A for wired sensor
NLK assembly with stand rack
for wireless sensor type AL
KGW-11218L + Zubehör
Komfortabler Aufbau mit Teleskopgestell Typ B
Ergänzende Messplätze mit Funkanbindung Typ BL
KGW-11235L + Zubehör
Multiple measuring station Type “C” for two (C2), three (C3) or up to four (C4) analyzing stations KGW-11218C2, KGW-11218C3, KGW-11218C4

General information

The test of fine lime on the ability to react when extinguishing takes place by measuring the temperature increase which occurs during its reaction with water as a function of the reaction time (Quick lime reactivity test “NLK”) Basis of apparatus and measuring method is the standard EN 459-2.

Fort the reaction process you will add 150 +/- 0.5 g quick lime into the Dewar flask in which are already 600 +/- 1g of distilled water at about 20 ° C. Since the content of the Dewar flask must be thoroughly mixed throughout the duration of the experiment, this apparatus is provided with a stirrer (speed 350 +/- 1 / min).

During the reaction, the released heat energy warms up the water. The temperature increase is detected by a high-quality temperature sensor and can be transferred optionally to a special software for evaluation.

Basis of apparatus and measuring system is EN 459-2.

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Software solution for capturing and supporting the analysis process

The company pdv-Software GmbH, Goslar (Germany) has developed pdv-nlk3 for capturing, storing, and the mathematical analysis of the measured values​​.

Key Features

  • Measurement data acquisition with two temperature sensors/transducers
  • Analysis according to DIN EN 459-2
  • Parameters T0, tmax, Tmax, T‘max, tu80, Tu80, T60, T10, T40, R-value, maximum of turnover rate
  • Records values up to four temperature sensors/transducers
  • Representation of the characteristic values in the wet slaking curve diagram
  • Saving (as an image file) and printing of measurement progress
  • Management of measurement data and samples
  • Central master data
  • Integrated device driver for measurement instrument Testo 735, up to 4 channels simultaneously; other drivers on request
  • Calibration of the sensors on two or more points
  • Examination of heat loss of the Dewar vessels
  • Import and Export of existing raw and end data via CSV interface
  • Integration with laboratory information systems (LIS/LIMS) possible

Detailed information about this solution can be found online at:

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pdv-software GmbH
Im Schleeke 50, 38642 Goslar
Tel. 05321-57320