Handles for LN2 transfer hoses with union nuts 3/4" UNF on both sides


  • safe removal of LN2 from a storage container


  • 90° bend
  • 180° bend
  • custom shape


  • eye bolt to hang up
  • handle with finger protection
  • exchangeable pipe
  • customizable
  • variable length can be selected


Examples of handles

L-shape with phase separator
L-shape with open pipe end
U-shape with phase separator
U-shape with open pipe end

LN2 transfer hoses for handle

LN2 transfer hose with union nut on both sides (3/4" UNF) and SI-insulation
length 1m Art.No.:26004-SI
length 2m Art.No.:26005-SI

LN2 transfer hose with union nut on both sides (3/4" UNF)
length 1m Art.No.:26004
length 2m Art.No.:26005

Example setup Apollo 50 with insulated transfer hose and L-shaped handle with phase separator

Example setup for a scanning electron microscope

We design and manufacture your custom-made handle for LN2 transfer hose according to your needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us: info@kgw-isotherm.de
phone: +49 721 95897-0
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