Chemistry pump device GP3 with cold trap and pump fork with aeration


Type GP3 is a mobile chemistry pump stand with a cold trap and a pump fork with a separate aeration cell.

The pump fork has four independently switched vacuum valves and additionally four independently switched aeration valves, so that every sample holder can get individually evacuated or aerated. Through this type of assembling, every sample holder can get disconnected or aerated separately without affecting the vacuum of the other sample holders.


Type GP3 has a small flange KF-NW 16 with vacuum manometer. Instead of the vacuum manometer you can also connect an electronic vacuum gauge. The pump stand will be delivered as standard without suitable vacuum pump.

Component parts

  • 1) Rubber hose with small flange KF-NW 16
  • 2) Rubber hose for 10mm-olives
  • 3) Pump-fork support
  • 4) Vacuum pump (not included in scope of delivery)
  • 5) Cold trap type KFL 29-GL (CP)
  • 6) Bulge on Dewar flask’s casing
  • 7) Pump fork with aeration cell
  • 8) 6mm-Produran valve with O-ring seal and GL18-glass screw thread with 10mm-PTFE-olive
  • 9) Vacuum flange with manometer
  • 9a) KF-NW 16 with 10mm-olive
  • 10) Aeration port GL18-glass screw thread with 10mm-PTFE-olive (angled)
  • 11) PE-table plate
  • 12) Aluminum-profile rack
  • 13) Four lockable guide rolls

Technical data

  • Dewar type 18 CAL-S with bulge
  • Effective capacity with cold trap: 2000ml
  • Condensate capacity of cold trap: 250ml at maximum

Article Number

  • Type GP 3 with manometer
  • Art. No. 17530