Since more than 70 years KGW-Isotherm is manufacturer of glass- and metal made laboratory apparatus for tempering and insulating.

T he company markets its products world-wide and has settled sales partners in various countries.
A constant and high quality of the manufactured products is maintained by regular product quality control and control of the suppliers. Modern production methods and the utilization of CAD in the construction do not only render the possibility for fabrication of serial products but also the make of customer specific single-piece products.

Monitoring of the measuring and control systems by utilization of calibrated vacuum-measuring-cells and temperature-control-systems at the furnaces, as well as the employment of He-leakage-detectors and a compression testing system with a calibrated reading device, guarantee the make of products with constant quality.

B esides the production of more than 200 different Dewar vessels and cryo-vessels made of glas or metal for liquid gases and other cooling agents,cold traps made of glas and metal, the enterprise manufactures additionally low-temperature cooling systems for temperatures reaching from + 100°C to - 180° C, more than 360 different reaction vessels made of glass, vacuum-insulated columns as well as heat protection devices for data measuring logs for a temperature range of - 100° C to + 300° C.

Apart from the fabrication of serial products, the enterprise owns a glass blowing workshop for the production of customer specific vessels and glass parts constructed in single units.