Thermal Protection For Data Logs

Thermal Insulation of Data Measuring Logs

In refrigeration plants, continous, enamelling or temper furnaces, anywhere extreme temperatures are reached, the exact control of temperature is one very important possibilityto ensure the quality of the products. The thermal treatment is often surveyed by measuring data loggers wich are exposed to the same temerature as the products. Principally the working temperature range of data loggers is about 0 to 70 degrees Celsius. When the temperature falls under of rises above this range, the measuring instrument may be damaged, therefore, thermal insulation is a must.

ITET is a series of efficient heat- and freezing-protection devices wich can be used for a lot of different operative ranges. The ITET series makes it possible, combined with the data logger, to achieve data of the critical spot of the product during the whole thermal treatment. The sensor is fixed at or in the product so the march of temperature can be measured. Trailing cables are no longer needed.

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