14. January 2020

Analytica 2020

We will exhibit at Analytica 2020 in Munich. Visit us at Hall B1, Booth 119
22. November 2019

Connection options Kaltgas

The connection of a cold gas system is the point where the tempered gas leaves the cold gas system with a temperature deviation of + -0.2 […]
3. September 2019

Easy Frame Open

The Easy Frame Open is a fully open reactor rack for optimal handling of the reactor and attachments.
2. September 2019

Pressure build-up for LN2 tank using N2 gas bottles or N2 central gas supply

Many LN2 storage containers made of aluminium or stainless steel do not have internal pressure attachment. This means that, especially after filling an aluminium LN2 container […]
2. September 2019

Safety timer for automatic LN2 – niveau level controller

Automatic “Level Control LN2” type LN2 level regulation devices by KGW-ISOTHERM are used in many cryotechnical applications, such as the shrinking of shafts and bushes in […]