Safety control SC5 unit for cryogenic cooling systems with two temperature sensor connections for a temperature range from +100°C (+212°F) to -196°C (-320,8°F)

Safety control unit SC5

The SC 5 safety controller has three functional components.

The first component is the temperature controller. It allows users to set the temperature set point of the gas flow at the front of the control unit. The temperature controller then shows the current and the set point temperatures separately. In addition, this controller has an RS 485 interface allowing users to address the controller with software and to specify temperature ramps. The controller also has an auto tuning function where the controller automatically searches for and reads in the control parameters required to reach a high level of control stability. The controller can either control the KALTGAS system using its own internal temperature sensor, or it can be manually switched to the second, internal temperature sensor (e.g., on the sample).

The second component is the heating element safety monitor. It monitors the two heating elements for overheating. Should the internal temperature of either of the two heating elements (LN2 vaporizer (Jet) and heater) rise above the specified safety temperature, the safety controller shuts the KALTGAS system off and sounds an alarm. The only way to turn on the system again is manually.

The third component is the LN2 vaporizer (Jet). The gas rate is adjusted with a control knob, with possible manual settings for the gas rate ranging from 0 to 100 %. The resulting volume of cold N2 gas depends on the Jet power and the specified vaporizer rate. The Jet is available in ratings from 100 to 1000 watts. For an Jet with a rating of 1000 watts, that translates into a maximum N2 gas production of over 14,000 litres of cold gas per hour. (A Jet with 100 watts evaporates approx. 2 litres of LN2 per hour; 1 litre of LN2 produces approx. 700 litres of N2 gas.)

KaltgasTool: Our Software for Controlling our Kaltgas Systems of Type SC4/5

  • KaltgasTool Setup SC4/5 → free download (Version 4.05.002 of 04/10/2019)