• Vigreux columns:
    for vacuum applications
  • Packed columns: for distillation applications


  • unsilvered
  • fully silvered
  • silvered with viewing strips
  • with protective cover


  • customer-specific dimensions
  • High vacuum isolation
  • 3D construction for optimal integration into your system


offers two different vacuum-insulated column types in its column catalogue. These are Packed columns and Vigreux columns. Both types of columns are used for different applications. The shown columns are all double-walled, vacuum-insulated and silver-plated. The vacuum insulation and the silver plating result in improved and reproducible separation behaviour, since this significantly reduces the heat input from the ambient temperature. The contact heat is reduced by the vacuum and the radiant heat is reduced by the silvering.

Vigreux columns

The Vigreux column is a typical laboratory device. The column is used in rectification, also commonly called fractional distillation, for improved thermal separation of liquid mixtures. The contact area between the gas phase and the glass is considerably increased due to the slightly downward indentations.
The Vigreux column is often used for vacuum distillation (a distillation at reduced total pressure in the distillation plant). Vacuum distillation lowers the boiling temperatures of the individual components, which enables the distillation of mixtures of substances whose not sufficiently temperature-stable components remaining in the sump. At higher temperatures, the sump or the remaining educt may contain catalyst residues or by-products which reduce the recovery through undesired reactions.

Packing columns

In chemical application, a separation column or rectification column which is filled with packing in loose stratification is also called packing column. Many packing materials are in bulk on a perforated support grid or a perforated funnel through which the steam flows into the packed bed.
The steam is introduced from below and flows through all parts of packed bed and then leaves the separation column at the top of the column. The packing materials are placed on the shelves in an unordered manner, however care must be taken to avoid creek formation, which is possible due to uneven bulk density or the same orientation of packing elements. Wall effects must also get avoided, in the first line by the correct choice of suitable packing material and the correct insertion of the same.

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