LHe glass cryostats type KGZ with LN2 cooling shield

LHe bath cryostats type KGZ are made of borosilicate glass 3.3 in accordance with DIN/ISO 3585 (DURAN) and are designed for use with liquid helium. The cryostats have an LN2 cooling shield to reduce the heat input to the liquid helium. As borosilicate glass 3.3 (DURAN) is not helium diffusion-tight, glass cryostats must be designed in such a way that they can be post-evacuated in the LHe tank area. A glass flange NW 25 with associated clamp and O-ring is used as a standard vacuum connection, so that the connection to the vacuum pump can be made with small metal flange components. On request, a vacuum glass tap or a bonded metal flange can also be offered as a pump flange. The cryostats have a bulkhead flange with an O-ring groove as the head flange.

All helium cryostats are manufactured exclusively to customer order. Changes to dimensions, connections or volumes can usually be made at no additional cost. The LHe cryostats listed in the table correspond to the most common dimensions and volumes. LHe cryostats are supplied with opposing viewing strips as standard. Of course, the cryostats can also be offered with a visible strip or fully silver-plated. For a small surcharge, they can be fitted with a base cap or with a protective aluminum cover and visible strips.

Free inside diameter at the head flange

NW 60 57 mm
NW 100 97 mm
NW 120 117 mm
NW150 147 mm

Technical data

Type D.I. [mm] D.A. [mm] H.I. [mm] H.A.1 [mm] H.A.2 [mm] Head flange Vacuum flange Volume [l]
KGZ 65 65 120 1055 220 1100 NW60 KF25 3
KGZ 100 99 160 1085 250 1130 NW100 KF25 7
KGZ 120 114 190 1085 250 1130 NW120 KF25 9
KGZ 150 155 230 1055 250 1100 NW150 KF25 14