Manufacturer of laboratory equipment for temperature control and insulation made of glass and metal for over 70 years.

Wesell our products worldwide and have permanent sales partners in many countries.
The regular quality monitoring of our products and the continuous monitoring of our suppliers ensure the consistently high quality of our products. Modern production methods and the use of CAD in design not only enable us to manufacture series products, but also to produce customized individual products.

The monitoring of the measuring and control systems through the use of calibrated vacuum measuring cells and temperature control systems in the ovens, as well as the use of He leak testers and a pressure testing system with a calibrated display device, guarantee the manufacture of products with consistent quality.

Wemanufacture more than 200 different Dewar flasks and cryogenic vessels made of glass or metal for liquid gases and other coolants, cold traps made of glass or metal, cryogenic cooling systems from +100°C to -180°C, over 360 different reaction vessels made of glass, vacuum-insulated columns and heat protection vessels for measurement data loggers from -100°C to +300°C.

In addition to the manufacture of series products, we also have a glass-blowing workshop for the production of customized vessels and glass parts.