Heat protection container for data logger

Thermal insulation in front of measurement data loggers

In freezing systems, continuous ovens, painting ovens or tempering ovens, wherever extreme temperatures are used, precise temperature monitoring makes a significant contribution to the quality of the treated products. Heat treatment processes are often monitored with the aid of measurement data loggers, which move through the high and low temperature zones together with the product. As the operating temperature range of measurement data loggers usually only extends from 0°C to approx. 60°C, thermal insulation of the device is essential.

ITET is a series of high-performance heat and freeze protection containers developed for a wide range of applications. Together with the data logger, they make it possible to record measured values during the process at the critical points of the product. The sensor is fixed to or in the product and measures the temperature profile there. There is no need for cumbersome handling with trailing cables.


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