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Two-piece cooling finger S29-Z / SL29-Z


  • Gas purification by condensation, e.g. in vacuum systems


  • made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • High chemical resistance
  • High thermal resistance
  • Simple, cost-effective design
  • Quick change possible
  • two-part
  • Pressure range: Vacuum up to 10-6 mbar, pressure up to 3 bar overpressure


  • KF NW16 = small flange
  • KF NW25 = small flange
  • Special dimensions
  • Special connections

Two-part cold trap

A special design are two-part cold traps in the standard version, with a KF NW 50 flange as the connecting part. With this cold trap, the condensate compartment can be separated from the upper part of the cold trap. This makes it very easy to remove the condensate and clean the cold trap. This version is also suitable for fixed installation of the cold trap in an appliance, as only the lower part needs to be removed from the cold trap to drain the condensate. The KF NW 50 connector is secured with a quick-release fastener.

Technical data cooling finger S 54V

Type                                               Condensate volume Coolant volume for Dewar type Cooling finger Connections Best. No.
Cooling finger S 54V-K16-Z 200 ml 1.6 l / 1.2 l 18 C / DSS2000 KF NW 16 17115
Cooling finger S 54V-K25-Z 200 ml 1.6 l / 1.2 l 18 C / DSS2000 KF NW 25 17114
Cooling finger S 54V-K16-Z-360 300 ml 5 l Type S22CAL shortened KF NW 16 17108
Cooling finger S 54V-K16-Z-560 450 ml 7,5 l Type S22CAL KF NW 16 17109
Spare parts Best. No.
Replacement O-ring (V2A Viton) 17125
Quick-release fastener NW50 17126
Dewar made of glass type 18 C 10220
Support ring for type 18 C 17116
Support ring for type 18 C with CO2 grille 17120
Stainless steel dewar type DSS2000 2103
Support ring for DSS 2000 17117
Support ring for DSS 2000 with CO2 grid 17121
Dewar made of glass type S22CAL 10324
Dewar made of glass type S22CAL shortened 10324-4
Support ring for type 22 CAL 1733-208

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