LN2 Special sampling hoses


  • Withdrawal of LN2 from a storage tank


  • PTFE inner liner for low LN2 consumption
  • Spring reinforcement on container side
  • Silicone hose insulation
  • Customizable
  • Variable length
  • 3D design for optimum integration into your production


  • straight
  • 90° bend
  • 180° bend
  • Individual shape
  • Hose outlet connection freely selectable:
    -Phase separator
    -compression fitting
    -transition fitting
    -External thread
    -internal thread

Examples of hose outlet connection

Examples LN2 Special sampling hoses

Example setup for scanning electron microscope

We are also happy to design and manufacture your LN2 special extraction hose according to your own specifications.
Send your request to: info@kgw-isotherm.de
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