Chemical pumping station with pumping fork and cold trap type GP3

The GP 3 pumping station is a mobile chemical pumping station with a cold trap and a pumping fork with a separate ventilation line.

The pumping fork has 4 individually switchable vacuum valves and an additional 4 individually switchable ventilation valves, so that each individual sample container can be connected or disconnected from the pumping fork. This design means that each individual sample container can be disconnected from the vacuum pump or vented without affecting the vacuum of the other sample containers.

Type GP3 has a small flange KF-NW 16 with vacuum pressure gauge. An electronic vacuum gauge can also be connected instead of the vacuum manometer. The pumping unit is supplied without a vacuum pump as standard.


  • 1) Rubber hose with flange KF-NW 16
  • 2) Rubber hose for 10mm hose olive
  • 3) Pump fork holder
  • 4) Vacuum pump (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • 5) Cold trap / cooling finger KFL 29-GL (CP)
  • 6) Bead on the coating of the Dewar vessel
  • 7) Pumping fork with separate ventilation line.
  • 8) 6mm Produran valve with O-ring and GL18 glass thread with 10mm PTFE olive
  • 9) Vacuum flange with pressure gauge
  • 9a) KF-NW 16 with hose olive
  • 10) Ventilation connection with GL18 glass thread with 10 mm PTFE olive (angled)
  • 11) PE table top
  • 12) Aluminum profile frame
  • 13) Four swivel castors with brakes

Technical data

  • Dewar type 18 CAL-S with bead
  • Useful volume with cold trap: 2000ml
  • Cooling finger condensate volume: max. 250ml

Item number

  • Type GP3 with pressure gauge
  • Best. No. 17530