Examples of special pumping stations

Compact pumping station with 

ISO-K 100 cold trap


Automatic LN2 fill level monitoring

 in the end of cooling cycle, monitoring of the minimum fill level in the end of cooling cycle, vacuum monitoring of the entire vacuum section with automatic safety closure of the vacuum valves via a vacuum controller. All vacuum components of the pumping station are made of stainless steel.

Pumping station with 

Schlenkline/pumping fork

 in which the feed vessels are connected by means of ground joints with “RODAVISS” type screw locks. The 

Cold traps

 are connected in series.
Pumping unit with standard 

Pumping fork

 with a standard 

GKF cold trap.

Compact pumping station with large 

Stainless steel cold traps type S 54V-K16-Z-360

 connected in series and large removable glass Dewar flasks at the bottom. All vacuum components are made entirely of stainless steel.
Pumping station with 

pumping unit with swivel clamp/pumping fork

 in which the connections consist of KF-NW16 vacuum flanges, with two 

glass cold traps

 which are connected in series and Dewar vessels which can be removed downwards.